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Me and my collection

I’m Davide Mascherini, I live in northern Italy, in Mirandola, near Modena, I’m collecting crown caps since 1983. I started to collect them in a Yugoslavian beach during holidays with my parents. I started crown caps trading in 1995 (I had only 2.500 caps in my collection at that time) when I met fellow italian collector Roberto D'Agostino, who opened my eyes about worldwide crown caps collecting. In 1999 I decided to set up my collection homepage and I started scanning all my crown caps to show them online. Early in 2001 I reached my cap number 20.000 and late in 2018 I reached 100.000 different crowns.

I’m interested in every kind of crown caps (beer, soda, cola, water, wine, fruit juice, milk and so on…). I'm very interested in football (soccer) and baseball related caps.

I collect the same cap made by different caps producers (you can usually find the producer logo, factory sign, on the cap side). I'm member of Crowncaps Collectors Society International (CCSI), Co-founder and admin of www.crowncaps.info homepage, founder and admin of Davide's Crown Caps Forum. I'm also part of "il Barattolo", italian breweriana collectors club.

Since mid 80s I glued my collection of crown caps in many covered wood squares, hanging them on my bedroom walls. but early in 1999 , with many more crown caps in my collection and not enough space in my room, I decided to change my storing method. I bought binders with plastic sheets for negatives,  sorting the caps by country and alphabetically.  In 2003, with the collection increasing to more than 30.000 caps  I changed again the storing method and, thanks to my grandfather who was a carpenter, I got many wooden plates where now I store caps from "big" countries; "small" countries are stored in cd-covers; sets and series are stored in binders with plastic sheets for negatives, see pictures below.