Me on The NY Times

On August 31, 2000 The New York Times published a small blurb about me and my collection homepage. I was really amazed when I knew about it!! No italian newspapers did it before...

Many and many thanks to Rich Chinnok who was the first to kindly provide me the article, to Mark Woodward for the image and also to Mrs. Janice Aibel and Josh Gonze. Many thanks also to Shelly Freierman who wrote it.

NEWS WATCH; Bottle Caps, the Crown Jewels for One Collector


Art and commerce collide in Davide Mascherini's collection of inch-wide bottle caps, or crowns, as he calls them, which can be seen on his Web site ( /index.htm). The site features bottle tops from beverages from 159 countries. Some -- Aruba, Benin, Mali and Togo, for example -- are represented by one cap each. Countries like the United States, Poland and Germany are represented by hundreds of crowns. Pepsi and Coke can be found almost everywhere, from Pakistan to Hungary, but local favorites like Inca Kola, from Peru, can be seen on the site, too. SHELLY FREIERM